Piercing Aftercare


General Cleaning and Maintenance

The most important part of your new piercing is the initial healing period during the first 2 months.  It is imperative that you avoid all physical and oral contact with your new piercing, this includes touching, twisting, picking, scratching, and/or moving the jewelry or piercing.  Adrenaline recommends the use of an antimicrobial soap, such as Provon, once daily.  It is easiest to do general cleaning in the shower.  Always wash hands thoroughly before cleaning a piercing and set some Q-tips aside, as well as a clean dry paper towel.  Begin by using a Q-tip and some warm water to clean the entire piercing area first including the jewelry in order to rid the area of any dried matter.  Next, wet another Q-tip and add one drop of Provon soap, use this to once again clean the piercing area including the jewelry.  Make sure to thoroughly rinse the piercing area, then pat dry gently with a clean paper towel.  Repeat this procedure once daily for the duration of healing unless otherwise directed by your Adrenaline Body Piercer.

Sea Salt Soak

Adrenaline recommends the use of a sea salt soak or suitable alternative such as H2Ocean Spray at least once or twice daily for the duration of healing.  To soak your piercing, begin with a clean coffee mug filled with warm water.  Add 1/8th teaspoon non iodized sea salt and stir to make sure the salt has dissolved completely.  Lean forward and press the coffee mug flat around your new piercing creating a vacuum like seal around the jewelry.  Lean, sit or lay back so the sea salt solution soaks the new piercing.  Remain in this position for 3 to 5 minutes, then discard the solution, rinse with clean water and pat dry with a clean dry paper towel.  To use H2Ocean spray, begin by cleaning the piercing area using warm water and Q-tips to remove any dried matter that has accumulated on or around the jewelry.  Lean, sit, or lay back and spray a small amount of H2Ocean spray onto the piercing area.  Finally use a Q-tip to gently wipe up the excess spray.

Emu Oil

Adrenaline recommends the use of ReSkincare Emu Oil.  This is the only completely winterized pure emu oil we have found available on the market.  Emu oil is anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, and anti-fungal.  It is deep penetrating oil containing essential fatty acids that promote new tissue growth and have been known to help reduce scar tissue.  To use emu oil begin by cleaning the piercing area with Q-tips and warm water to remove any dried matter that has accumulated on or around the jewelry.  Using the eye-drop dispenser apply one or two drops of emu oil directly to the piercing and use a clean Q-tip to gently spread the oil around the piercing area and jewelry.  Let the oil sit for a minute or two, and then use another Q-tip to remove the excess oil.

Oral Aftercare

Adrenaline recommends the use of alcohol free antibacterial mouth wash such as H2Ocean Mouthwash or Biotene.  Rinse with one of these products for 30 seconds, 3 to 5 times daily for the duration of healing.  Because you are killing a lot of bacteria in your mouth, it is not uncommon to see discoloration of the tongue; this is not a cause for alarm.  Feel free also to rinse with a sea salt solution as described 3 to 5 times daily as well.  Drink plenty of cold water and feel free to suck on ice cubes or ice chips while your piercing is swollen.  Adrenaline also suggests the use of an ibuprofen product, such as Advil, as an anti-inflammatory.  Please consult your doctor if you are not sure whether or not you can take ibuprofen.  We suggest you avoid hot spicy foods, thick dairy products, and alcohol products for the first week or so.  As always avoid any foreign contact with your piercing this includes touching, kissing, sharing drinks or silverware, and any other forms of oral contact with others.  The jewelry you are pierced with is intended to be long enough to accommodate any swelling and we suggest you come in to get your jewelry downsized after about 3 weeks.

Genital Aftercare

For genital piercings, follow the same cleaning procedures with a few exceptions.  We do not recommend the use of antibacterial or antimicrobial soaps on female genital piercings.  Our research has determined use of these products on female genital piercings may kill bacteria needed to fight infections.  Due to this we recommend only the use of sea salt soaks or H2Ocean spray with female genitals.  We ask that you abstain from all sexual activity for the first two weeks.  When you do become sexually active please uses non-lubricated latex condoms, or condoms lubricated with silicon based lubricant, as most other lubricants may irritate your fresh piercing.  Please clean your piercing immediately following sexual activity for the first 2 months.

General Concerns

There are risks associated with any kind of new piercings.  Swelling, bleeding, redness, soreness, and discharge are most common and we expect to see them anytime someone has a new piercing.  We have a body piercer on hand every day to answer questions and address any concerns you may have before or after your piercing.  We ask that you contact us first if you feel there is a problem with your piercing; however with certain problems it may be necessary to contact a physician.  If you feel there is something dramatically wrong and you would feel more comfortable getting the advice of a physician, feel free to contact your family physician. If need be Adrenaline can consult with Bernard Wayman M.D., with whom we have a contracted agreement to advise on any medical situation that may arise.





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